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This page is provided is a guide and aid in those who wish to sync their Sony Cliés with a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X (I do not know anything about doing this under OS 9 - if anyone does, please let me know). At the time of writing, all of the instructions were accurate. However, I can make no guarantees, and be sure to backup all your data before proceeding (for example, to a MS using the MS Backup application on your handheld).

This procedure involves modifying the files inside contents of application packages. If you're uncomfortable with this, there isn't much you can do, I guess.

Anyway, before you begin, you'll need, at the very least, an application called USB Prober. This app is made by Apple and is part of the Developer Tools (Mac OS X 10.0, 10.1, 10.2) and XCode (10.3, 10.4), both of which are available for free from Apple's developer website. If you'd like just the app and have no need for the rest of the tools, you can get it on its own from here.

In addition, a property-list/XML editor would be very useful. While it's not necessary, it makes the task a hell of a lot easier than using TextEdit. As part of the developer tools mentioned, an application called Property List Editor nicely does the job. Just like USB prober, you can get it as part of the whole developer tools package, or just download it here.

Lastly, you will need a hexadecimal to decimal converter. If you don't have one, a very good and small AppleScript called Hex&Decimal can be obtained here, written by Kevin Kelleher.

When you've got those three apps ready, take your Clié handheld, plug in its USB cable into your computer (and obviously connect it to the Clié as well). Next:

The procedure for all of these will be similar, but since the path is a bit different for the last one, I'll explain in two groups.
For HotSync Manager and Transport Monitor, navigate to the folder that they are contained in, and follow the following steps for both (separately, of course)
For the last package, /Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync/Transports/USB, do the following:
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